Free Wind Farm horseback riding lessons in Fort Wayne Ft Wayne Boarding
Free Wind Farm Horseback Riding Stable and Lessons in Fort Wayne: Boarding & Equine Inn
   We care for your horse as if it were our own. The first thing you may notice whenever visiting is how clean we keep our barn. Our staff is proud of the clean stalls, aisles and arenas. 

    Horses living here enjoy 12’ x 12’ stalls, cleaned daily and bedded with clean shavings weekly. Horses are fed twice a day (hay & grain) and always have access to fresh water. We turn out daily in board fence paddocks. Horses may be turned out by themselves or with a buddy. 
Ty’s Equine Inn   Even the most fervent horse owner needs to get away occasionally. But finding a reliable person to come to your barn to feed, water and exercise while you’re out of town can be nearly impossible. Consider our Equine Inn, a short-term boarding option that offers peace of mind for you and expert care for your horses.
   We provide daily activity (outdoors in fair weather, inside in bad weather) and transportation to and from your stable if needed. Call for information before planning your next vacation.
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Free Wind Farm  horseback riding lessons in Fort Wayne
13712 Bass Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818 260.625.3380
Boarding Fees:  
$575 Monthly; $25 Daily. We offer services from clipping to hauling to turnout. Ask for price list.